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Data is key to most businesses and for that reason data should be protected and managed securely. Here at IPNW we have the technology and expertise to advice you on your data policies ensuring that your data is always secure at readily accessible when you need it.

Data Backup

IPNW can provide a wide range of data backup solutions for you business. We provide you with a daily or hourly backup of all you key data to our servers or to an external server at your location. All data is backed up securely using industry standard encryption and is accessible only by you.

There have been so many times when clients have came to us and asked us to recover data after a complete system fail only to be told that the data is lost for ever. Data backup is an insurance that no business can afford to ignore.

We can provide you with a variety of backup options and services, speak to IPNW today and one of our data specialists will go through your choices.

Data Storage

Businesses now have a variety of data storage options and IPNW can provide them all. Your data can be stored on site, off site, in the  cloud or all three. Your data storage options will depend on the data that makes your business run. There are also other aspects to consider such as the data protection act 1998 and other data compliance issues. We will advise you on what is required when you contact us.